Orpheum Ghost Tour Guide

What to expect on the tour

- Each tour is one hour long with four stops. There will be places to sit during two stops.
- The tour involves going up and down short flights of stairs.
- No food or drink will be allowed in the building, bottled water accepted.
- Intoxication will not be tolerated.
- Restrooms are available before and after the tour.
- Children are welcome. However, this tour contains stories not intended for a young audience.
- Picture taking is EXTREMELY encouraged.

Getting there and parking:

The Orpheum Theater is located at 203 W. Adams St, Phoenix, AZ (click to map)
- Light rail station Jefferson/1st Ave (click to plan)
- Grid Bike Share hub right next to the Orpheum (click for details)
- Metered parking is available nearby (click for details)
- 100 W Washington, Wells Fargo - Entry location: West side of 1st Ave between Adams and Washington
- 101 N 1st Ave, Ace Parking - Entry location: North side of Adams between 1st Ave and Central
- 50 W Jefferson, Cityscape West Garage - Entry location: East side of 1st Ave between Washington and Jefferson
- 18 S 4th Ave, Ace Parking - Entry location: East side of 4th Ave between Washington and Jefferson


Tour guests will be walking, climbing stairs, standing for short periods of time, and doing so with several other participants. Risks to your person and property may arise due to unintentional actions of tour guides, other tour participants, patrons and employees of businesses in the area, or private citizens in the area of the tour. ALL participants agree to comply with all stated and social terms for legal behavior, posted safety signs, rules, and verbal instructions. In other words, we will do all we can to make sure you are safe and you must do the same.

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